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Empower Your Agents With the Impossible

Set up your customer service agents for success by providing them with a seamless interface that helps them get to all the answers they need easily and fast. Our expertise lies in making all your systems play nicely.

Customers demand seamless experience

Agents play a special role in delivering an amazing experience.
These companies are taking customer experience to the next level.

Customer satisfaction starts with the agent experience

Amazing customer experience helps you stand out. Agents need to interact with the right information quickly, no matter where it is. It’s a simple concept that goes a long way — ease of access in real time creates an environment that delivers a positive experience consistently, and a win for all involved.

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Embrace the Cloud Contact Center

Change from on-prem to cloud services and deliver instant updates globally, at scale.
Accessing those benefits and making the move doesn’t have to be a difficult process, it can be simple.


Make the impossible, possible

When we say we “Enable the impossible”, we’re making a collaborative promise that we’ll deliver on everything you need, and create possibility out of otherwise impossible odds. But don’t just take our word for it, let our customers tell you.

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Coral Active Integrates multiple systems and technologies into a flawless unified interface

Every company has different needs, and those needs will change over time with added systems and new customer expectations. Our interface grows and scales with them, so you can continue to deliver the same amazing experience to your customers. From rapid, large scale deployments and integrating complex systems, to a fully customizable desktop - Coral Active empowers, enhances, and enables an unmatched agent experience, so you can deliver on your customer experience.

Widgets, Integration, Framework with supporting sections for each of their full features

  • Fully customizable and supports multiple CTI and CRM
  • Combine leading CTI and Communications platforms, NICE, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Twilio, Cisco and Avaya
  • Support for multiple CRM and Business systems including Salesforce, Dynamics365, Oracle, Service Now, ZenDesk and others
  • Rapid Change Deployment and Stable
  • Crisp clean agent interface to reduce training and increase productivity, less churn!
  • Improve Agent Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance.

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