Coral Active

Desktop Orchestration

Desktop Orchestration allows customers to define rules and actions based on voice and digital interaction events to readily share information with connected CRM systems.

Configure, Not Code

With Coral Active’s Desktop Orchestration, the Agent Desktop is now fully integrated to all of your CRM and business apps in real-time, driving automation across any number of connected systems:

and many more.

Easily extensible and configurable per customer and interaction type, Coral Active’s Desktop Orchestration provides rich analytics to allow rapid change with complete control and insight.

Agents Benefits

The Coral Orchestration widget provides the capability to layout and arrange integrated web applications with flexibility to maximise UX efficiency and minimise complex training requirements.

Automated Application Window Management

The application UI definitions can be scripted to run multiple, simultaneous applications such as:
Single-window/multiple iframe mode, applications can run side-by-side for simultaneous access.
Multiple-window mode, used for websites that do not support running within iframe, or where agents use dual monitors and require the application windows to appear on both.
Hybrid mode, providing a combination of single-window and multiple-window modes to fit application workspace requirements.

Multiple Integration Options

With several integration options, from JavaScript messaging, WebSocket, WebServices (REST/SOAP) plus legacy database and IBM 3270 – all available for voice digital and back office agents.

These powerful features will help your business automate tasks, reducing wasted time, expediting call resolutions and enhancing customer experience.

Coral Desktop Orchestration Average Handling Time Savings

Basic CRM automation
30-90 seconds per call / digital interaction
5 Application
fully integrated orchestration
60-240 seconds per call / digital interaction
Dual CRM automation
60-180 seconds per call / digital interaction
Ensuring updated, accurate contextual data
for all call transfers
90 seconds per transferred call/digital interaction