Coral Active

Frequently Asked Questions

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Coral Active provides support for the following CTI solutions:

Coral Active provides the ability for agents to be connected to multiple CTI/voice platforms within the same installation, allowing seamless transition between different CTI/voice technology stacks whilst ensuring

Coral Active has integrations for the following CRMs:

We also support over 40 custom in house integrated solutions including a connector for 3270 mainframe systems.

A large scale (1000+ seats) Coral Active solution, with CTI integration and customised branding can be setup in 2-5 days.

Coral Active has implemented large scale Telco grade solutions from concept to production in less than 6 weeks.

Yes. Coral Active can be deployed either onsite or as a cloud solution.

Yes. Coral Active widgets can be built with Javascript and CSS using Corals SDK. The customer development team can have working widgets built in 30 minutes.

Most changes and even integrations can be made in minutes and in real time.

Yes, Coral Active provides an event based framework that allows all connected CRM, Voice and Digital systems to operate in unison.

All Genesys, Avaya, Amazon Connect, Twilio, Broadsoft and Cisco media endpoints are supported, as well as Coral Active's SIP and WebRTC endpoints.

SMS, Email ,Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce Live Agent Chat integration, Apple Business Chat, Genesys MultiMedia (Chat, Email, Workitems).supported, as well as Coral Active's SIP and WebRTC endpoints.


Coral Active can run up to 2000 concurrent agents on a single entry level server. Our typical recommendation is to run 500 agents per server for redundancy.

The Coral Active platform is infinitely configurable, allowing customization for each agent group in your organization, from the list of tools and channels provisioned for an agent group, the active CRM integrations per group, down to look and feel options to suit any business need.