Coral Active

Coral Remote™

Give your remote employees the same workflows as your on premise staff

Reduce agent handling time 30 - 180 seconds
Agents can handle larger volumes thanks to reduced AHT
Reduce security/network administration complexity

Remote Work is a Strategic Business Need
Coral Remote™ Makes it Simple

Flexible and easily customisable, Coral Remote™ solutions can be rolled out in weeks, not months

  • Move your premise based contact center workforce to a remote workforce quickly
  • Building this operational capability will provide an ROI in the 100s of millions
  • Reduce employee retraining by 100%

Coral Remote™ Fixes the Top Remote
Contact Center Issues

Audio Quality and Reliability

One of the biggest challenges facing remote agent’s is the variable quality of the audio for voice calls. Our solution allows your Call Recording platforms to operate, ensuring any customer complaints can be resolved with clarity.

  • SIP Endpoint with Coral Velocity
  • WebRTC - Browser Only
  • Subscribed PSTN device - either Nailed up or transfer on demand (fixed or mobile)

Security and Privacy

Coral Remote™ uses a single HTTPs connection that simplifies the amount of security and network administration required to grant access to your remote agents. It also supports a number of security models to ensure your remote workforce is deployed in accordance with your organizational security policies, deployment models include:

  • VDI
  • VPN
  • Certificate based access

Screen Management and Agent Automation


Moving to a remote workforce often means changing from dual screen to a single screen, from direct network access to VPN access


Optimize your screen real estate and ensure that your remote consultants have access to crucial customer information


Keep existing CRM automations, meaning efficiency levels and call handling times are maintained