Coral Active

Coral Ocean™

Powerful, Scalable Campaign Management. Easy to configure, simple to use.

Platform Agnostic

Coral Ocean merges with all of your existing CRM and CTI tools, facilitating instantaneous, cross-channel updates and access to:

Everything You Need in One System

Smart Features

Answering machine detection. Predictive dialling and pacing algorithms.

Blended Agents

Agents can handle inbound calls while participating in other campaigns

Preview Callbacks

Have the Agent ScreenPop happen before calling back

Notification Options

IVR, CCXML, SIP / Switch integration SMS and Social Messaging

Easy To Use Management Dashboard

Provides regular, detailed data tracking success and quality metrics, along with historical campaign performance trends segmented by campaign and customer type.

System access method consistent for all agents

Configure per contact number list, reattempt policy

Alerts when campaign duration, throughput, or error rates exceed thresholds

Call Outcome Reporting Success, connection and abandon rates

Agent Statistics Preview, Handling, Wrap Time

Connection stats include Queue times, IVR handling time, Reattempt rates

Historical trends for recurring campaigns, per hour, day, week and month.

Historical performance trends for throughput and campaign success rates, segmented by type and customer segment

Ready for Growth


Success proven with multiple campaigns


Works with up to 1,000 concurrent outbound calls


Prioritize campaigns

Programmable Campaign Flows

  • Construct cross-channel campaign flows, fully compatible with Amazon Connect Flows
  • Start with a SMS message conversation, switch to an outbound call, call Web APIs and finish with a confirmation email
  • Ability to pre-process campaign lists through APIs or programmable modules, allowing you to wash the calling list and update downstream systems