Coral Active

Nice CXone &
Coral Active

Coral Active & Nice CXone Overview

CRM integration and automation capabilities
Realtime UI updated from multiple date sources and APIs
Cross system automations to reduce handling times and improve customer interaction quality
Coral Widget SDK allows Enterprises to develop their own custom widgets to drive further innovation

Transition from existing CTI to Nice CXone

Seamless Migration

Coral Active Desktop provides a migration path from traditional/legacy on-premise Contact Center CTI technology, allowing all existing Contact Center integrations to be retained/migrated whilst moving the voice traffic, IVR and routing to the Nice CXone platform.

Parallel Voice Channels

Deploy the Nice CXone platform in parallel with your existing Voice stack. Coral Active provides the ability to transfer calls between platforms whilst retaining call data and context. This capability allows you to shape call traffic across your platforms to meet volume demands or transfer between platforms to provide specific features that have yet to be migrated.

To contact Coral and discuss how to extend the Nice CXone platform, please contact us from below.